Endorsement for Kimberly Thompson, Councillor Candidate Trinityville Division

I am pleased to endorse Kimberly Thompson for the position of Councillor of pthe Trinityville Division. Kimberly has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her community through her impactful initiatives and dedicated service. Her outstanding track record of achievement speaks volumes about her leadership and genuine concern for the well-being of her constituents.

Kimberly’s accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable. She has shown exceptional dedication to education by teaching a free CSEC English class, resulting in an impressive 100% pass rate. Furthermore, her commitment to the health of our children is evident through the annual hosting of free back-to-school medicals and treatments, as well as her consistent back-to-school giveaway program.

In addition to her work in education and healthcare, Kimberly has made significant contributions to her community’s infrastructure. She spearheaded the installation of stadium lights on the Somerset Playfield, enhancing recreational opportunities for our residents. Moreover, she has been instrumental in constructing a vital bridge and widening roads, ensuring improved accessibility for emergency and heavy-duty vehicles.

Kimberly’s support for local farmers through the creation of markets and her efforts in food processing and export have had a positive impact on our agricultural sector. Furthermore, her contributions to various community projects, including the donation to the fencing of the football field in Danvers Pen and assistance with patching the main road in Font Hill, have greatly improved the community’s infrastructure and safety.

It is evident that Kimberly has been an active and dedicated advocate for he community, consistently demonstrating her commitment to enhancing the lives of Trinityville Division residents. Her involvement in critical projects such as preventing the Somerset community from breaking in two and extensive labor day projects that have positively impacted different communities further showcase her deep-rooted dedication to her constituents as well-being.

Kimberly Thompson’s proven track record of community service, coupled with her passion for making a difference, makes her the ideal candidate to for the position of Councillor. I wholeheartedly support Kimberly and urge her constituents to join me in endorsing her by casting your vote for her on election day. With Kimberly at the helm,

I am confident that your communities will thrive and prosper.

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