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Mr. Phillip Paulwell C.D. M.P. attorney-at-law is the former Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining and is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Kingston East and Port Royal. He is currently leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives and Opposition Spokesman on Mining and Energy.

Prior to his latest appointments, Mr. Paulwell served as a Government Minister in the People’s National Party administration between January 1998 and September 2007 as Minister of Commerce, Science and Technology. During the past administration, 2011 – 2016, he served as Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining and Leader of Government Business in the House.
His appointments to the Executive began in 1995 when he was appointed to the Upper House as a Senator where he served until 1997. He served as Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce during the same period.
He entered the Lower House as a Member of Parliament in 1997 after winning the election in the constituency of Kingston East and Port Royal. His electoral victory in December 2011 marks the beginning of his fourth consecutive term of political representation in this populous section of the Kingston Metropolitan Area
Among his many achievements as a Government Minister and Member of Parliament, Mr. Paulwell is credited with the liberalization of the telecommunications sector. In 2000 he was the recipient of the Gleaner Honour Award for implementing historic measures to break the 25-year telecommunications monopoly and introduce competition in the sector. He was also recognized by international organizations including the International Telecommunications Union as well as the Caribbean Telecommunications Union. In 2015, he was accorded the Order of Distinction in the Rank of Commander (CD) for over 20 years of distinguished service to Parliament.
During his tenure as Minister with portfolio responsibility for Energy, he has been credited with giving momentum to the diversification of Jamaica’s Energy sources and the promotion and facilitation of millions of dollars of investment in wind and solar energy.
Prior to 1995, Mr. Paulwell served in very senior positions in the Government of Jamaica – Legal Officer of the Jamaica Commodity Trading Company Limited, Executive Director/ Trade Administrator of the Trade Board Limited and first Executive Director of the Fair Trading Commission.
Those appointments followed his graduation from the University of the West Indies (LL.B Hons, 1986) and the Norman Manley Law School (Certificate in Legal Education, 1988). While pursuing his graduate studies, he also served as part time Lecturer and Tutor in Company Law at the Excelsior Community College and the College of Arts Science and Technology (now the University of Technology).


Member of Parliament Kingston East and Port Royal

It has been my absolute pleasure serving the people of Kingston East and Port Royal. The power they have entrusted me with over the years has served them well as I have ensured that the people remain at the center of my plans. My focus has always been on the empowerment of people in general and the solid education of our young people, infrastructural development and Sports.



In 2003, after analyzing the performances of primary school students in literacy, it became clear that a Reading Programme was urgently needed.
Many entering the secondary level of our education system were reading below their grade level. I refashioned The Kingston East & Port Royal Back to School assistance programme by cutting the spending on uniforms, etc. and focused almost exclusively on the programme to get our youngsters to read at their grade level. The programme takes place during the first term of each academic year in all the Primary Schools and Vauxhall High. Students are identified and permission sought from their parents/ guardian for them to remain after school for these special classes. They are provided with refreshment and the teachers who participate receive a stipend. So far, this program has seen to the vast improvement in the children’s performance. This accomplishment is one of my most treasured successes as a public servant as it opened doors for these children to realize their full potential. Several work programmes surrounding educational development have been under taken over the years.


The Programs Include

  • Windward Road Primary & Junior High Facelift through JSIF (39 million)- 2010
  • Norman Gardens Primary Facelift through JSIF (21 million)- 2011
  • Vauxhall High School, Construction of a New Block to facilitate the removal of the shift system- 2015
  • Renovation of the H-Block Building in Port Royal to accommodate the Caribbean Maritime University-2015
  • Restoration of the Admiralty building in Port Royal for the Caribbean Maritime University student’s accommodation- 2015
  • Construction of the Port Royal Basic School on the grounds of the Port Royal Primary School-2015
  • New facilities for the Early Stimulation Plus Childhood Centre 2017-2018



In East Kingston and Port Royal we recognize the significance of Sports. We have started the construction of two major sporting facilities; one, at the current Rockfort Football field for the use of the community and the other on Windward Road, adjacent to the Bellevue Hospital for the joint use of Camperdown High School and the community. Preliminary and planning works are well advanced. In fact, we have started some of the Infrastructural work already. The construction of perimeter walls is in progress. Our major effort now is to complete our solicitation for sponsors from the business sector to assist in financing both complexes. A major element of the project is to ensure financial sustainability.
One important feature at the Rockfort Complex will be a boxing facility. We are going to be encouraging all the youngsters who are ‘at war’ with each other, to settle their scores, not by shooting, but in a ring with their fists, rules and referees. Who knows, we might be able to produce other champions like Mike McCallum and Richard Shrimpy Clarke. I also continue to make contributions to the two (2) major football teams, Brown’s Town and Rockfort Football Clubs which represent our constituency at the Super League.



I am proud to announce that finally through fervent lobbying and representation phase one of the Windward Road rehabilitation project has been completed which saw to the laying of water pipes and laterals across the road along with the resurfacing and installation of new curb walls and sidewalks. All this was done from the Rockfort Heart facility to the intersection of Mountain View Avenue. I now demand that the phase from Mountain View Avenue to Elletson Road be done. There will be the need for further comprehensive beautification works to be done on the entire strip for it to be a true elegant corridor.


The Programs Include

  • Penso Park Rehabilitation -2003
  • McIntyre Villa Community Centre Renovation-1999
  • McIntyre Villa Storm Drains Rehabilitation
  • Greater Brown’s Town Road Improvement (Multiple Roads) (2012-2014)
  • Bournemouth Pool Renovation-2005
  • Doncaster Roads Rehabilitation-2015
  • Renovation of Windward Road Clinic-2003
  • Palisadoes Road Improvement-2009-2012
  • Construction of the Port Royal Post Office- 2010
  • Rehabilitation of the road in the commercial section of Port Royal-2014
  • Renovation of the Community Park in Port Royal-2017

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