Achievements Phillip Feany Paulwell

Port Royal

Heritage Project

I was very pleased to hear at a PAAC meeting recently that the Norman Manley Airport Divestment team is promoting Port Royal as part of its marketing efforts. The possibility of Port Royal becoming a major cruise shipping location is still real. The airport would be even more viable if it is used as a hub for cruise shipping passengers. This could be the major jolt that provides new impetus to the development plans for Port Royal. There has been much work done so far in the revitalization of many of the historic sites. Fort Charles for example has seen major renovation, so too has the Old Naval Hospital, the Admiralty Houses have been restored, the building of a multi media theatre, among other things.
The original plans had no mention of water, sewage, housing and training; Phillip Paulwell insisted on these things including resisting stoutly the removal and demolition of houses and businesses owned by Port Royalist.


On May 23, Labour Day, annually, I participate in the usual partnering with the community groups where materials are needed and refreshment provided to persons who volunteer in different projects across the Constituency. The two major projects I participated in this Labour Day was the clean up and rehabilitation of Penso Park in the Springfield Division and the Construction of two bathrooms for two families who were in need of proper restroom facilities.

Achievements as Member of Parliament

01 Implemented Landline Telephones in the Constituency (1998-1999)

03 McIntyre Villa Community Centre Renovation-1999

05 Greater Brown’s Town Road Improvement (Multiple Roads) (2012-2014)

07 Primary School Reading Programme- 2003- present

09 Renovation of Windward Road Clinic-2003

11 Tablets in School Programme-2015-2017

13 Norman Manley International Airport Upgrade- 1999-2000

15 Pleasant Heights Housing Project-1997

17 Access to Electricity in Pleasant Heights-2004

19 Rockfort Football Field Development-2006

21 Windward Court Housing- 1997-1998

23 Windward Road Primary & Junior High Facelift through JSIF (39 million)- 2010

25 Vauxhall High School, Construction of a New Block to facilitate the removal of the shift system- 2015

27 Vauxhall High School, Construction of a New Block to facilitate the removal of the shift system- 2015

29 New facilities for the Early Stimulation Plus Childhood Centre 2017-2018

31 Construction of the Port Royal Post Office- 2010

33 The Windward Road Project- I advocated for the rehabilitation of Windward Road. The remaining portion to be done along with full implementation of elegant corridor concept.

35 Patched Sheffield Road, Belmont Road and Milford Road

02 Penso Park Rehabilitation -2003

04 McIntyre Villa Storm Drains Rehabilitation

06 Bournemouth Pool Renovation-2005

08 Doncaster Roads Rehabilitation-2015

10 Kingston East & Port Royal Reading Programme 2005-Present

12 United Africans Computer Lab- 2017

14 Palisadoes Road Improvement-2009-2012

16 Access to Water in Pleasant Heights-2001

18 Access to Water in Harbour Heights-2004

20 Access to Electricity in Pleasant Heights-2004

22 Windward Court House Wiring through REP (now Nesol)- 2015

24 Norman Gardens Primary Facelift through JSIF (21 million)- 2011

26 Renovation of the H-Block Building in Port Royal to accommodate the Caribbean Maritime University-2015

28 Construction of the Port Royal Basic School on the grounds of the Port Royal Primary School-2015

30 Establishment of a Port Royal Providence Society site for Housing accommodation-2006

32 Rehabilitation of the road in the commercial section of Port Royal-2014

34 Phillip Paulwell has successfully negotiated the relocation of twenty-three (23) fisherfolks on the Chiney Beach Fishing Village. Contract now finalized between the fisherfolks, who formed the Chiney Beach Fisherfolks Friendly Society, and the Windward Development Company, for lease and Licence of the land for 99 years at $200 (Jamaican Dollars) per year.

After waiting for more than 30 years the Company will start a major import/export operation on the remaining lands and has committed to employing persons from East Kingston and Port Royal

Achievements as Minister of Government

01 Liberalized Jamaica’s telecommunications market, which began with the granting of two carrier licences for the provision of domestic mobile voice, data, and information services. These licences were awarded on the basis of auctions held in December 1999 and January 2000. The auctions were financially successful and with the investment of new players contributing to investment in the industry of over US$100 million a major contribution to the Jamaican treasury, representing the most significant inflow of foreign direct investment in the country’s history. For the achievement of liberalization of the Telecommunication Industry Mr. Paulwell was honoured by the Daily Gleaner and named the Gleaner Man of The Year for 2000.

02 Created the Universal Service Fund in 2005, which, since its implementation just over 10 years ago, has collected over $13 billion that has provided funding for a range of important development projects that would otherwise have been impossible.

04 Facilitated the largest investments in renewable energy of over US$200 million (over J$23 billion)

06 National Gas (LNG) Project

03 Established Number Portability, which is now a reality! It enables consumers to seamlessly switch from one service provider to another and retain their existing number. This facility is critically important to increase competition and to reduce switching costs and price to consumer.

08 Created The Spectrum Management Authority

10 Introduced ethanol in our fuel

12 Established the Tablet in Schools Program

05 Finalization of the JPS 190-Megawatt Liquid

07 Established the Wigton wind farm

09Provided greater powers to the Office of Utilities Regulation

14 Established the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) to enable a central planning of the nation ICT policy. The merger of CITO with Fiscal Services Ltd. creating e-Gov. Jamaica Ltd. enabling a central ICT execution vehicle.

11 Created E-Learning Jamaica

13 Provided Community Access Points throughout Jamaica to ensure all Jamaican’s can have access to ICT

15 Establishing A National Chief Information Office and the National ICT Advisory Council to centralise the ICT planning activities for the country.

16 He was the leader of Government Business in the House of Representative from 2011 – 2016 and the leader of Opposition Business from 2016 to present.

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